SMART LED Case Study

28 Stadium Road


The property management firm at 28 Stadium Rd contacted our team in search of a lighting upgrade that would improve light levels, reduce mainte-nance and cut back on hydro costs.


Recommending a solution providing both energy savings and the desired quality of light needed to enhance the aesthetic and integrity of the building, Our team replaced all fluorescent lighting with SMART LED, allow-ing for superb lighting coverage with fewer lumen’s and at a fraction of their existing system’s wattage.

Key benefits

  •  1st year savings over $40,133.83
  • $10K incentive rebates
  • 1.69 Years Payback
  • 44.84% Return on Investment
  • Increased property value
  • Long term savings for condo owners
  • Equivalent of 144 trees planted
  • Equivalent of 10 cars eliminated
Photo from outside of 28 Stadium Road across the river
Photo from the outside of 28 Stadium Road
SMART LED lightbulb turned on while others are off help save Energy services

SMART LED services

RPM’s lighting team is North America’s premier distributor in industrial SMART LED Energy Management Projects.

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