SMART LED Case Study

300,000 sq ft Manufacturing Facility


The facility uses 610 MH Fixtures SMART LED’S with advanced wireless controls


  • Advanced controls
  • Capital cost allowance
  • Accelerated investment incentivity
  • IESO save on energy incentivity

Project Impact

  • 1,809,346 kWh annual savings
  • 46% more illumination

Environmental Impact

  •  1100 Metric Tonnes of CO2 removed
  • Equivalent of 332 trees planted

Grid Impact

  • 210.85 On Demand Kw saved advanced controls
  • Add approx 57% incremental savings in addition to LED savings
Photo from the inside of the 300,000 sq ft Manufacturing Facility
Inside of the 300,000 sq ft Manufacturing Facility

Don't forget the contols

With Advanced Controls, SMART LED’s that already have long life, can last even longer. The ROI gets profoundly accelerated. Plus, by future proofing your facility with a digital ceiling infrastructure, you will be able to take advantage of tomorrow’s IoT innovations, like asset tracking.

SMART LED lightbulb image

SMART LED services

RPM’s lighting team is North America’s premier distributor in industrial SMART LED Energy Management Projects.

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