Power Factor Correction Case Study

Power Conditioning Project

Summary of Present Conditions: (Actual) and (Projections)

  • Calculations based on Renfrew Hydro billing (past 3 months) extrapolated to 12 months.
  • Estimated electrical spend = $94,336.00 yearly spend.
  • Average yearly power factor .74PF ( VERY POOR) 2018 Should be mid 90’s or better
  • 26% total averaged wasted energy (Kva verses kw).
  • Power Factor penalties are being charged for 12 months, (90% of Kva) see bills.
  • As per cumulative recent readings (2017) the Billed Kva reduction difference between 90% of Kva (penalty) verses actual used Kw shows an average savings between 19% and 23% usage savings. Correcting the power factor to greater than .95 PF will eliminate the penalties and save the corresponding dollars values listed below.
  • Averaged dollar saving percentage projections shown below in variable percentages as to flow with a fluctuating +/- power factor over the 12 months.
  • Installing this unit will free up approximately 24% more load capacity on your main distribution panel/switch
  • Project complete and installed cost $23,530.00
Group of Power Factor Correction machinery
Power Factor correction machinery photo

Cost Saving Analysis:

Includes Power Factor correction estimated savings on Kva (penalty being billed at 90% of Kva) verses Kw billing. Currently the Kva is being used to calculate the total kwh on your bill including Global Adjustment, LDC charges and Delivery charges.

Power Factor Correction machinery photo
Group of Power Factor Correction machinery

Power Factor Correction

The RPM Groups and it’s Partners are able to actively reduce electric bill power factor penalties, reducing significantly additional charges being paid to the utility company.

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