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Driveway Sealing Services in North America

Benefits of driveway sealing:

Most seal coatings protect your driveway color from fading. Sealants also make cleaning oil or other leaked fluids from your vehicle much easier because the liquid can’t seep into the tiny pores on your driveway. If you decide to use sealing chemicals, keep track of how often you reapply them. Generally, every one to three years should be enough to keep your driveway in fine shape.

Sealing driveway cracks in asphalt:

Driveway cracks result primarily from age and weather, especially in unsealed driveways. When moisture from rain and snow seeps through the asphalt, it creates pools of water underneath it, which lead to cracking, especially when that moisture freezes and thaws repeatedly. This seepage occurs because most driveways are made from porous materials. Driveway sealing closes off the pores so water can’t penetrate the paving material.

Driveway Sealing and Repair Needs

RPM’s driveway sealing services in the Ottawa Region (Ontario), GTA (Toronto, Ontario), and upstate New York. give you a choice of clean-up, repair work, such as crack filling and patching, and sealant types.

Professional driveway sealing has a lasting impact. The wear and tear of pressure from vehicles and four seasons means your driveway needs protection to make it last. The sealants have different finishes but both are going to increase the lifespan of your driveway significantly.

RPM Driveway Sealing Services in Ottawa

Driveway Sealing Information

This work is a big investment; the cost for sealing a driveway ranges from $200-400 per 1,000 square feet. So you want to make sure it’s done right to prevent further damage to your asphalt.

Some homeowners decide to seal driveway asphalt themselves.

We repair existing cracks before applying sealer. It’s important to fix cracks in your driveway before sealing it, so be sure to get a cost estimate for that asphalt repair in addition to the driveway sealing job. If the cracks are minor, fix them yourself by clearing them of debris and broken edges and then filling them with a substance such as textured caulk, sealer, or pourable grout.

Most of the cost of sealing driveways is tied up in prep work. If your driveway is particularly dirty or covered in oil slicks, then it takes more effort to clean and thus costs more to treat. The application is pretty standard.

Remember that proper maintenance saves money in the long run. You spend a little now to extend the life of your driveway. New driveways are way more expensive than multiple regular treatments. Sealing your driveway just makes money sense.

When can you start the sealcoat job?

Temperature is key when sealing driveways. Usually, anything over 18 degrees Celsius is good.

How often should I seal my driveway?

Letting your driveway go unsealed for five years might be excessive, especially if it has turned grey and is developing small cracks. There is some controversy about how often an asphalt driveway should be sealed, but every three years appears to strike a good balance, based on your cosmetic preferences.

How long should I stay off the driveway?

During the summer months of May through August, we recommend staying off the driveway with vehicles for 48 hours. After September 1st, allow 72 hours or more depending on the temperature. Driveway sealer will dry like paint from the top down. It may feel dry on the surface but may still be wet underneath.

Why should I seal my driveway?

The aggregate in the mix enhances traction, acts as a wear layer, and fills small cracks. Also, sealcoating gives the driveway a uniform black colour

Second driveway before RPM Driveway Sealing Second driveway before RPM Driveway Sealing ay Sealing
After RPM’s driveway sealing services your driveway will look like new
First driveway before RPM Driveway Sealing services
First driveway after RPM Driveway Sealing services

Driveway Sealing Options

Our products are the highest quality sourced Canadian raw materials.

RPM Driveway Sealing is one of Ottawa’s largest professional driveway sealing companies, providing top quality service to customers each year. Our team takes pride in their work and looks to impress and ensure a beautiful, clean job every time.

RPM Driveway Sealing will make your driveway look like new
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