RPM Driveway Sealing options

Our products are the highest quality sourced Canadian raw materials

Driveway Sealing and Repair Needs

RPM’s provides driveway sealing services in Ottawa Region (Ontario), GTA (Toronto, Ontario), and upstate New York. We give you a choice of clean-up, repair work, such as crack filling and patching, and sealant types.

Professional driveway sealing has a lasting impact. The wear and tear of pressure from vehicles and four seasons means your driveway needs protection to make it last. The sealants have different finishes but both are going to increase the lifespan of your driveway significantly.

RPM Driveway Sealing Services in Ottawa

Jet Black H20 Finisher

Quality Asphalt Protection
Bulk Sealer carries a heavy duty coal tar sealer that is specifically designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavements.
Jet Black H20 feature

Water Based Coal Tar Emulsion Sealer:

Composed of high temperature refined coal tar pitch, select mineral fillers and surfactants, it forms a tough, durable and flexible coating that protects asphalt surfaces from the damaging elements of weather, water, salts, gas, oil and other petrochemicals. Coal Tar provides an attractive, easy-to-clean, like new surface with a matte (no shine) finish.

In addition, oil, gasoline, and automobile fluids soften asphalt, giving rise to soft patches in the pavement. Logically, the best protection to asphalt is to provide a “barrier” coating that will resist all the damaging elements that destroy the asphalt pavement in the first place. Refined coal tar pitch, composed primarily of stable aromatic (closed-ring) compounds meets such criteria.


Asphalt is easily attacked and degraded by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the process begins as soon as a new pavement is installed. First the surface oils break down and dissipate, then the process continues down to the deeper layers of the pavement. As a result, aggregates break loose and cracks start to develop. Water penetrates through the cracks and damages the pavement in subsequent freeze-thaw cycles.

According to the Asphalt Institute, “Accumulation of moisture in the pavement structure is probably the greatest single cause of pavement distress”.


High resistance to petroleum staining and more durable to tire wear and salt

Dry Time

Fastest curing coal tar on the market

Matte Jet Black

Appearance: finish that fills in hair line cracks


Longest lasting (specifically manufactured to last Canadian winters)


Highest quality sourced Canadian raw materials



Recommended uses for Coal Tar:

– Low, moderate, and heavy traffic areas

– Industrial and commercial driveways and parking lots

– Fast food restaurants and hotels

– Airfields, taxiways, and paved shoulders

– Service stations and truck terminals

– Play areas and home driveways

Black Mac

Cutback Asplalt Driveway Sealer

BLACKMAC driveway/parking lot sealer is a premium quality cutback asphalt cement protective sealer, specifically formulated to preserve and protect existing asphalt pavements from the aging process.

Oil based Driveway sealing options

Recommended use:

BLACKMAC has unique properties that allow it to fill the many voids and hairline cracks in asphalt pavements, thus prolonging the life of the pavement and reducing overall maintenance costs.
Sealing asphalt pavements with BLACKMAC restores the asphalt surface to its natural appearance, while helping to prevent moisture seepage, frost damage, surface oxidation and ravelling. BLACKMAC is ideal for any asphaltic pavement surface such as driveways, parking lots, walkways, bicycle paths, etc.

General product features:

1. Dries very quickly and to a natural hot mix asphalt finish

2. Finished surface is non-tacky and non-tracking.

3. Very cost effective preventive maintenance tool to help extend the life of your asphaltic pavement.

4. Its black finish greatly enhances the appearance of pavement markings and lines in parking lots, bicycle paths and other applications

Application guidelines:

1. Apply in temperatures above 50˚F/ 10˚C

2. Clean asphalt surface and treat oil spots prior to application to ensure proper adhesion

3. Larger cracks that cannot be filled with BLACKMAC should be sealed with the appropriate McAsphalt MACSEAL crack sealant material and allowed to cure prior to applying BLACKMAC. (Refer to product data sheets for additional information)

4. Do not apply if precipitation is anticipated

5. Allow a minimum of 24 hours prior to opening to traffic. Period may have to be extended if less than ideal drying temperatures prevail

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