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Water or chemicals?

Window cleaning used to be something of a craft in which specialists on ladders worked hard to produce a streak-free finish using a squeegee and detergent solution. Factors like efficiency, safety, and sustainability are increasingly important – perhaps even more valued than craftsmanship.

Enter the water-fed pole solution:
The water-fed pole removes the environmental impact of chemicals by using pure water alone, while allowing operators to clean windows safely – and more quickly – from the ground. So why would anyone ever need a traditional window cleaner again? The benefits of water-fed pole systems can be summed up in three words: reach, safety, and speed.
RPM Window Cleaning services in Ottawa

RPM uses only highly purified water

RPM’s team uses pure water to ensure your satisfaction with our window cleaning services in North America. No cleaning chemicals are required.

The latest innovations in pure water window cleaning come from pure water cleaning. Most water has tiny dissolved particles in it. Once the water dries on a surface, those particles become the spots you see left behind. Purified water is the key to leaving no spots or residue on windows.

Currently servicing the Ottawa Region (Ontario), GTA (Toronto, Ontario), and upstate New York.

RPM Window Cleaning services in Ottawa

RPM’s Pure Window Cleaning Advantages

Using hand tools requires working at height, and unfortunately, falls from heights have always been the biggest concern for window cleaners. We use the water fed-pole system because it is efficient, produces great value, and is safe for our team to operate.
Water-fed poles can clean at greater heights without the need for access equipment. Currently, our poles can clean to over 30 feet from the safety of the ground. Poles are quickly becoming the standard, where previously hydraulic platforms or even rope access was used more frequently. This means the work is not only safer, but it is also much more cost-effective.

Our Equipment

RPM uses the next generation of pure water-fed poles, systems, and accessories, taking our window cleaning business to new heights. RPM uses Northern Lite water-fed poles and brushes.

For the hard to get dirt we use the Tucker Hybrid brush with boar hair bristles.

RPM offers Window Cleaning services in Ottawa
RPM offers Window Cleaning services in Ottawa
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