SMART LED Case Study

LHM Technologies Inc, Woodbridge, ON

LHM Technologies Inc. specializes in the manufacture of machining components for the aerospace, military, automotive, oil, gas, and nuclear energy sectors. LHM contracted EcoGrid Technologies to install smart LED lighting. Based in Woodbridge, Ontario, the lighting conversion for this 80,000 sq. ft facility was completed within one week.


EcoGrid surveyed the facility and created a lighting design based on the results, completed the installation, including 78 high bays and strips.


  • The smart LED conversion provided a six-month return on investment.
  • Prior to the smart LED installation, the facility used approximately 617,297 annual kWh.
  • After the conversion, it used approximately 98,767 annual kWh, or an 84% reduction, verified by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).
  • On average, illumination was about 58% higher throughout the production facility after the installation.
  • The customer saved an estimated $101,021 annually.


“Working with EcoGrid to implement our facility’s new lighting and controls was truly a professional and streamlined experience. From the initial proposals, to the process of testing, installing, and setting up the controls, even during our production hours, was a very effortless and safe process for our organization.” – LHM Technologies Inc.

SMART LED lightbulb turned on while others are off help save Energy services
SMART LED lightbulb image
SMART LED lightbulb turned on while others are off help save Energy services

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