North America’s premier distributor in industrial LED Energy Management Projects

As system integrators for the best technology in the industry, we’ve been at the forefront of the IoT movement before it was a buzzword. Our intelligence-packed advanced controls optimize outputs, allowing for additional savings above and beyond the already ultra-efficient SMART LEDs. Using wireless mesh technology, we establish scalable digital ceiling infrastructure for your facility.

We have a vast inventory of state-of-the art lighting systems. Very few take the time to think about how much it really costs them to use outdated lighting. Our clients have the peace of mind knowing that our service line is Energy Star and DLC approved.

Highest ROI and paybacks possible

Step by step, we will walk you through how an improved lighting system can dramatically lower your energy consumption, by maintenance costs, and overall expenses. We can also help you maximize available government rebates & project funding with a simple turnkey solution, so you can to focus on what really matters—your business!

Check our SMART LED case studies and learn more about our customers experiences.

SMART LED lightbulb turned on while others are off help save Energy services
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OUR ENERGY EFFICIENT solutions offer immediate savings

We deliver solutions for our clients because we listen to their needs. Our team of professionals have decades of experience in the energy industry around North America.

We will provide you with a free audit of your SMART LED, Power Factor Correction, Renewable Energy Certificates and other services capabilities while showing you savings opportunities.

Your Energy use is important