Renewable Energy Certificates

We support the renewable energy market

A Renewable Energy Certificate or an REC, is a credit given to a source that generates renewable energy. It is an important tool that tracks and assigns ownership to the energy source, such as wind or solar power.

Purchasing RECs ensures that your home or nearby businesses are reducing their carbon footprints and financially supporting the growing renewable energy market.

The benefits of Renewable Energy Certificates

Many businesses and corporations have made commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but some are unable to install solar or wind technology at their corporate location. This is where Renewable Energy Certificates prove to be helpful in the commercial realm. Purchasing an Renewable Energy Certificate fulfills this commitment and offers proof that an organization is using clean energy as promised.

Renewable Energy Certificates can give you the flexibility to reduce your carbon footprint without solar panels. You’ll know if Renewable Energy Certificates are a good fit for you if you want to reap the following benefits:

  • Supporting the renewable energy market without installing solar panels or other renewable energy technology at your home/business
  • Reducing your carbon footprint or environmental impact
  • Seeking to reach environmental goals as a business or individual
  • Knowing where your electricity is coming from
  • Producing no fossil fuel-based greenhouse gas emissions or other pollutants
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What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS)?

Renewable energy credits are tradable, non-tangible commodities that are present proof that 1 MWh of electricity was generated from a renewable energy resource. This renewable energy source was then fed into a shared system of power lines that transport energy. Originally, RECs were created in the early 2000s from utility green power programs. In these programs, customers could voluntarily pay a little extra for renewable energy.

How do Renewable Energy Certificates work?

Companies are able to purchase RECs along with their electricity. This certifies that a certain portion of their energy is from a renewable source.

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Shoud my company buy Renewable Energy Certificates?

Here are all the scenarios when Renewable Energy Certificates may be a good fit for your company:

  • You want to support the renewable energy market
  • You’re facing difficulties installing solar panels
  • You’re having trouble implementing efficiency projects at your business
  • You want to reduce your energy usage or carbon emissions
  • You have ambitious environmental goals you want to reach as a company
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How are Renewable Energy Certificates generated?

When a renewable energy source (wind, solar, hydroelectric, etc.) generates one MWh of electricity and sends it to the grid, renewable Energy Certificates are produced. So, if an onshore solar power facility produces 5 MWh of electricity, then they’ll have 5 renewable energy Certificates that they can either sell or keep.

What other names are RECS known by?

You may not always hear of renewable energy credits referred to as such. RECs can be referred to as Green Tags, Tradable Renewable Certificates (TRCs), Renewable Electricity Certificates, or Renewable Energy Credits.

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Wind power turbine photo for Renewable Energy Certificates

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