Bill Management

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

For the past 20 years, RPM’s team has worked closely with National Retailers and Property Managers to capture relevant utility data and utilize this information to bring a positive  contribution to their bottom line.

Our team also assists within other areas such as budgeting, accruals, bank reconciliations, Green House Gas Emissions and property maintenance coordination.

Outsource Bill Management

Utility bills over the past 20 years have changed dramatically for a variety of reasons, such as the introduction of deregulated marketplaces, additional Provincial regulated rates/rebates and simply just the way the individual line items are calculated and presented on the utility bill.

Most companies in today’s business sector do not have the knowledge level required within their accounts departments to honestly say they are certain that their bills are correct. Because of this, they “Rubber Stamp” the bills for processing and payment.

Many companies are also paying needless late fee penalties due to the fact they cannot process and pay the bill within the utilities due date period. These fees can be as much as 2-4% of their annual cost.

Why should RPM be considered?

For the past 20 years, RPM’s team has worked closely with National Retailers and Property Managers to capture relevant utility data and utilize this information to bring a positive contribution to their bottom line.

We utilize state of the art software to track and manage all aspects of the Client’s “Energy Footprint”. This software is then used to audit every line entry for accuracy and outliers are identified based on cost/usage and demand.

Our team has been successful in recovering funds for our Clients of over $2 Million (actual checks issued by the utility and/or Landlords). We have also been instrumental in avoiding costs for our clients by making changes to accounts that resulted in funds being saved on future bills that the Client would have spent without our involvement.

By removing most of these functions from the Client’s accounting departments, the Client has been able to reduce their administrative costs while increasing the efficiency of this process.

Benefits & Reporting

Removal of all data entry and payables functions from the Client. We will provide Client with 1 report that can easily import into their accounting software.

Assurance that all bills are being audited and errors corrected so that they do not continue month after month.

Client does not have to purchase energy mgt. software themselves or pay licensing fees.

Client pays a lump sum for all bills processed and individual utilities are paid by the RPM team.

Spikes in usage are identified and investigated right away by our team.

Our team will take over the opening and closing of all accounts as this is generally another area of concern for Clients.

Increased reporting accuracy for budgets and accruals as the RPM Team will apply a higher knowledge level and functionality then most Clients would have in house.

Wind power turbine photo for Renewable Energy Certificates

OUR ENERGY EFFICIENT solutions offer immediate savings

We deliver solutions for our clients because we listen to their needs. Our team of professionals have decades of experience in the energy industry around North America.

We will provide you with a free audit of your SMART LED, Power Factor Correction, Renewable Energy Certificates and other services capabilities while showing you savings opportunities.

Savings, Guaranteed!