The RPM Groups management

Our leadership team has a combined 60+ years of experience

RPM is a contract sales organization founded with the mission to combine best practices in sales recruitment, training, management, quality assurance and selling technologies into a complete services platform that consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients.

RPM’s mission is to form long lasting relationships with each of our customers so we can grow our brand and provide continuous value. RPM is committed to treating your home like our own. We will take care of the things you don’t want to, or can’t, do.

Meet our Management Team

Our Executive Team is based in Ottawa, Ontario. You might catch them out lending a hand to our home services team members.

Johnny Lavoie is the President and CEO of The RPM Groups

Johnny Lavoie

President and CEO

Johnny began Direct Marketing in 1998; opened his 1st office in MTL 2004; opened AB in 2006; opened Dallas 2010; founded LEMI 2014; reformed RPM and created RPM @ Home Team in 2016 with Lucette, Raymond and Jody.

Ray Rahaman is the Vice President at The RPM Groups

Ray Rahaman

Vice President

Ray began working in direct sales in 2003 corporately; managed the most regional offices on a corporate level from 2004-2012; joined LEMI in 2012; became Head of Operations for RPM and RPM @ Home Team in 2016.

Lucette Trottier is the Vice President at The RPM Groups

Lucette Trottier

Vice President

Lucette began Direct Marketing in 1997; Opened 55 sales offices across N.A.; Managed 3.5-million advertising budget for N.A.; Actively spoke at 10 summits to train company leaders to build their recruiting pipeline; Director of Recruiting in 2014; Partnered with Lemi 2014, now RPM and RPM @ Home Team in 2016.

Jody kelly is the Executive Director of Business Development at The RPM Groups

Jody Kelly

Executive Director of Business Development.

Jody began Direct Marketing in 2004; became Regional of Ottawa office in 2005; office of the year 2007; opened Baltimore office in 2011; opened Wall St office in 2012; Director of Sales Development for JE in 2013; rejoined RPM and RPM @ Home Team in 2016 as Executive Director of Business Development.

Increase Your Sales Results

Advantages of Working with RPM:

Sales team established and selling quickly (sometimes in as little as 30 days).

Accountable directly to you. You’ll see results and also have transparent access to data and analysis detailing how those results are achieved.

Substantially reduced internal organizational impact of rolling out new products or new sales channels.

Strong return on investment – with lower costs than building internally.

You control the product, territory and target customers – you set the focus and level of integration with your marketing, support and other departments.

Dedicated to your products and services and branded under your name – you control the message and the customer experience.

Why We’re Successful

RPM presents a clear choice when it comes to deciding how to direct sell your products and services – our award winning process and data-driven methods deliver results consistently and with exceptional quality and performance standards.

RPM uses forward-thinking sales best practices and processes, backed up by extensive data tracking and analysis to monitor progress and maximize sales results. A partner with industry knowledge, meaningful insights and one that can create repeatable results while protecting your brand

Our Approach

In our 20-year history competing head-to-head, we have never been outperformed by a sales outsourcing competitor. Ever.

RPM maintains a close, ongoing working relationship with you to ensure that sales approach and processes utilized in the field are constantly aligned and in step with changes in your business and marketplace.