SMART LED Case Study

8201 Islington Avenue


Understanding that electricity is one of the highest, yet easiest costs to control, the property management firm at 8201 Islington Ave were seeking to implement new lighting systems that would alleviate rising energy costs. In addition, residents were dissatisfied with the low light levels and rising maintenance costs as a result of inefficient T12s.


Our SMART LED Linear Fixture offers a robust 4400 lumen’s per watt from the enclosure, with a minimum pro-jected lamp life of 100,000 hours. When used in tandem with our Sensor Control, which monitors and adjusts light levels based on motion and daylight— payback can occur in as little as 14 months!

Key benefits

  •  1st year savings over $63,396.29
  • $13,940K incentive rebates
  • 1.69 Years Payback
    59.25% Return on Investment\
  • Increased property value
    Long term savings for condo owners
  • Equivalent of 171 trees planted
  • Equivalent of 11 cars eliminated
Photo from outside of 8201 Islington Avenue
Photo from the side of 8201 Islington Avenue
SMART LED lightbulb image

SMART LED services

RPM’s lighting team is North America’s premier distributor in industrial SMART LED Energy Management Projects.

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